Dome Type – Feedback System for Valve and Valve Actuators

Manufacturer of Valve Feedback Unit



In industrial processes where liquids used valves are needed for dosing and control Dual or Single inductive sensor provided valuable position feedback for pneumatic valve actuators and valves They are operated in combination with proximity switch or Limit switch of Honeywell and detect The “OPEN” and “CLOSED” position of the valve . Valve sensor provides position Feedback on linear valve. The sensors signal up to three important valve positions to the controller valve open, valve closed and any position in between e.g. for the seat lift.


Oil plant, Breweries, Pharmaceutical Company, Paper Industry, Dairy

Feedback system with Indication to make valve automation easier used for pneumatic actuators in double acting till state and Single acting state operator through 90o rotation of ball valve  or butterfly valve.


Polycarbonate Dome type Cover Size 85 x 150 x 60 mm with IP54 protection Operated by Inductive Proximity Switch M12 ‘NO’ type 2 wire, Or Limit switch of Honeywell make V15 series with all suitable accessories