Solenoid Valve FB – Feedback System for Valve and Air Cylindrical Actuator

Manufacturer of Feedback Unit for Air cylindrical Actuator



In Industrial processes where liquids used valves are needed for dosing and control Single or Dual Inductive Sensor provided valuable position feedback for pneumatic valve cylindrical actuator and Butterfly valve.

They are operated in combination with solenoid valve and inductive proximity sensors to detect the “OPEN” and “CLOSED” positions of the concealed valve.

The valve sensors system receives signal from the PLC system to energizes or de-energizes the air –operated valve It then transmits feedback signals indicating the main valve position and condition back to the PLC system


Pharmaceutical company, Breweries, Dairy, Food Industry

Feedback system for Air cylindrical actuator operated through pneumatic solenoid valve single acting operated 180o vertical of Butterfly valve and Ball valve.


Polycarbonate enclosure Size 80 x 120 x 85 mm with IP54 protection operated through 3/2 way solenoid valve 4W – 24VDC and Inductive proximity sensor M12 ‘NO’ type 2wire with all suitable accessories